Jul 23

From Yogyakarta to Borobudur

Borobudur Temple3Being in Yogyakarta and planned a trip to Borobudur? There will be less without it if to Yogyakarta visit Borobudur Temple. If this is the first time there, the following information can be useful for you who want to depart from Yogyakarta to Borobudur:

Mileage and routes

The distance from the center of Yogyakarta is about 43 km. It takes about 40-50 minutes if you ride a car. As you will take to Magelang Street and past the Major Frame, Syailendra Kingdom, and others.


If you do not bring your own vehicle, transport certainly an important consideration. Fortunately, there are plenty of transportation options are available, such as:

1. Andong. One sign that the city of Jogjakarta still preserving culture is the number of carriage or buggy as a means of public transport. Most tourists want to ride it just to try to feel what it was like riding carriage. Rates start from USD carriage ride. 50.000.

2. Car rental. It is advisable to hire a car for those who prioritize privacy. You can find car rental in Yogyakarta with ease. Optionally the car model and adjust the budget, whether it’s Avanza, APV, etc.

3. Buses. The main options for tourists if you want to depart from Yogyakarta to Borobudur Temple are a city bus. The reason is because the place is spacious and also fast to. There are many minibuses operating from Yogyakarta to Borobudur from 6 am – 5 pm.

Well, upon arrival, you can start having fun right now. Find out more about the history of Borobudur temple, building structures, and relics in it so that you know a little bit about the story of this amazing temple.

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Jul 21

Wrong Diet Methods

Not only is it difficult to get clothes, obesity also makes some people felt insecure. No wonder that most of them go on a diet to lose weight. But unfortunately, most often those who do not understand about the diet program.

In the end, the diet that they do not actually make you lose weight or get into shape but it may increase weight and body increasingly stretched. Check out some errors in diet.

diet 1Skipping meals

Most of them assume that the missed meals to be one effective way to lose weight. Because, this way they can reduce food intake in the body. This is actually a great one. How not? When skipping meals, eating at the next meal is not likely to amount to very much because the stomach is very hungry and growling.

Replacing the staple food snack

Quite often most of them are trying to change the subject with a snack food. By assumption, the body can lean when staple foods are not met. In fact, this assumption makes the body feel tired, lethargic, weak, and weak because the body lacks nutrients and nutrition.

Avoid fat at all

Many people think that only fat makes the body become more obese. But according to research, the fat actually beneficial to provide energy and support into the intake of a healthy diet. It’s just the healthy fats such as the fat derived from nuts, olive oil, and so forth.

Rely on diet pills

Other than that, there are also some people who want to get the ideal body in a manner such as by drinking instant diet pills. In fact, if it continues to depend on diet pills over a long period of danger such as damage to the liver, kidneys, fertility, and digestive disorders will be felt.

If you want to go on a diet to get the ideal body, you should visit Miselo.com. This website will give you information about a healthy diet, particularly with regard to diet. In addition to exercise, diet becomes an important aspect of a healthy diet.

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Jul 07

Aplikasi Geotextile

Geotextile merupakan suatu produk yang dibuat dari serat polimer. Geotextile ini umumnya memiliki dua jenis yakni woven geotextile dan non-woven geotextile. Perbedaan dari kedua geotextile tersebut terletak pada bentuk atau wujudnya.

Untuk woven geotextile umumnya berbentuk seperti karung goni yang dianyam sedangkan non-woven geotextile berbentuk seperti kain biasa yang tidak dianyam. Baik woven geotextile maupun non-woven geotextile umumnya banyak digunakan di berbagai pekerjaan. Apa saja?

Geotextile pada jalanJalan

Tidak semua lahan untuk pembuatan jalan memiliki stabilitas yang baik. Terkadang ada pihak konstruksi yang mengerjakan konstruksi jalan pada lahan bekas rawa atau memiliki tanah yang lembek atau gambut.

Jika kondisi tanah demikian tidak diatasi dengan baik bukan tidak mungkin pada akhirnya berpengaruh pada kekuatan tanah. Dengan kata lain, jalan akan mudah amblas. Oleh karena itu, tak jarang pihak konstruksi jalan menggunakan produk geotextile untuk memisahkan tanah lunak dengan tanah yang stabil.


Bagi pihak kontraktor atau konstruksi bangunan, membuat bangunan di lahan yang miring memang sedikit menyulitkan. Sebab, salah sedikit dalam perkiraan maka akan berpengaruh terhadap robohnya bangunan karena tanah longsor.

Untuk menyiasati kondisi ini, tak jarang kontraktor atau pihak konstruksi bangunan menggunakan geotextile sebagai penyanggah atau menopang agar tanah memiliki daya tahan yang kuat sehingga tidak mengalami longsor.


Selain daripada itu, geotextile juga umumnya digunakan pada lahan seperti halnya lahan untuk membangun gedung, lahan tempat penumpukan kontainer, dan lain sebagainya. Sebelum membangun gedung atau lahan tempat penumpukan kontainer, sebagian kontraktor umumnya melakukan pengecekan tanah.

Jika dari hasil pengecekan tanah bahwa ada tanah lembek di dasarnya maka bukan tidak mungkin kontraktor akan melapisi geotextile di atas tanah lembek tersebut sebelum ditimbun dengan menggunakan tanah stabil. Tujuannya agar tanah lembek yang dapat membuat bangunan roboh tidak dapat bercampur dengan tanah stabil di atasnya.

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Jul 01

Meminimalisir Masalah Keuangan

Beberapa rekan kerjaku sering mengatakan bahwa mereka sering mengalami masalah keuangan pada akhir bulan. Hal ini terjadi karena mereka tidak menerapkan pola hidup hemat. Bagaimana dengan Anda? Jika Anda adalah seorang karyawan baru yang ingin meminimalisir masalah keuangan, ada baiknya untuk melakukan tips di bawah ini:

financial aBerhenti mengikuti emosi dan nafsu Anda

Ada banyak orang yang suka mengikuti emosi dan nafsu mereka ketika menjalankan aktivitas sehari-hari. Hal ini membuat mereka suka melakukan hal-hal tidak penting yang biasanya buang-buang uang. Contohnya: jika mereka mengikuti emosi dan nafsu belanja mereka saat berbelanja, mereka biasanya membeli barang-barang yang tidak penting yang menghabiskan ratusan ribu hingga jutaan rupiah. Bagian terburuknya adalah mereka tidak akan pernah berhenti membuang-buang uang sampai dompet mereka benar-benar kosong. Jangan pernah melakukan hal ini kecuali jika Anda ingin terjebak dalam utang dan berurusan dengan pihak berwenang cepat atau lambat.

Pelajari investasi secara rinci

Ada banyak pegawai kantor yang suka menginvestasikan uang mereka untuk mendapatkan penghasilan tambahan. Sayangnya, beberapa dari mereka gagal mewujudkan impian mereka. Mereka hanya membuang-buang uang. Apakah Anda tertarik untuk menginvestasikan uang Anda? Jika iya, pastikan bahwa Anda tahu dan belajar investasi secara rinci terlebih dahulu. Misalnya, jika Anda ingin berinvestasi pada perdagangan valuta asing, sangat disarankan untuk mengetahui dan belajar tentang forex dari berbagai sumber.

Jika Anda mendapatkan kesulitan dalam menemukan tempat yang tepat untuk belajar investasi ini, sebaiknya kunjungi ForexImf.com. Dengan menunjungi situs ini, Anda bisa mendapatkan informasi lengkap dan tips dalam investasi valuta asing. Jangan lupa untuk mendapatkan informasi mengenai analisa forex by foreximf.com.

Semoga Anda bisa meminimalisir kemungkinan untuk mengalami masalah keuangan.

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Jun 28

Do These to Get Scholarship Award

scholarshipOne of the scholarship types offered by college is scholarship award. This scholarship is a form of appreciation to the students who have good academic grades. I ever got this scholarship for international student last year at sekolah bahasa di China. Of course, it was not easy. Unfortunately, I am good at mandarin after taking preparation class at Lotus Mandarin, so I could follow all tests optimally.

By the way, are you interested in getting scholarship award? If you are, follow the tips below:

Do college tasks well. To get good academic grades, you have to not only follow all classes but also do the all college assignments well. Perhaps, this is difficult to do because most college tasks are usually complicated. Nevertheless, no need to worry, as long as you are able to understand the questions and want to ask for help, you can do all the assignments well.

Follow final exams. This is very crucial because 50% over your final grade depends on the results of final exams. If you succeed to pass the exams smoothly and get satisfied results, your grade will be better. By getting this, you can open much chance to get not only college achievement, but also scholarship award.

Last but not least, every time your college holds any competitions, you must follow those and show your skill and knowledge. If you succeed to do this, you can represent your campus to beat other audiences from other campus. Keeping college image you can have much opportunity to get scholarship award.

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Jun 23

Popular Methods in Operation

The technique could be considered the must-have when in operation. How not? Using the technique, the goals of the business may operate easier achieve or recognize in addition to keep the business, develop the business, and generate your business in the shape of constantly increasing earnings. Reporting from numerous resources, there are frequently utilized in company and several common methods. What’re these methods?

Strategies in Business2Online marketing

To be able to boost earnings, obviously, companies must also and first in a position to keep customers to attract new clients. How? One would be to increase the marketing.

Online marketing is just a pretty efficient type of marketing is preferred. How not? It might increase the marketplace share of numerous nations can also be the key reason why online marketing is recommended along with providing fairly inexpensive.

Consequently, think about your web marketing that is present through company. Should you not grasp the methods of online marketing, you are able to trust all of web studio Jakarta trusted energy.


Another technique that’s popular in operation is benchmarking. What’s a standard? Benchmarking guess is just a method that may be completed to look for disadvantages and the advantages of its friends, the organization is situated at, and particularly the well-known businesses. Understanding flaws and the talents of additional reliable businesses don’t try manipulate or to equalize their flaws to not become inferior.


Through an ISO standard another action that may be taken up to market a company is. ISO is just the planet a standard that it is acknowledged by the planet and has been proven globally. This standard is basically with the capacity of improving the company’s reliability since the organization has the capacity to preserve solution quality, controlling others, yet the surroundings. Improved reliability is fundamentally influences the customer attention.

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Jun 23

Numerous Provided Domestic Scholarships

Domestic Scholarships2Grant is one substituting that you to fund your training or can select to be able to go to a greater degree again. Nevertheless, to acquire this grant is unquestionably difficult. Get ready as aggressive as you can to obtain a grant and you’ve to positively search for scholarships.

Actually there are lots of odds as you are able to enter the nation as it pertains to scholarships. These possibilities as a result of the variety of contributors or vendors financing the grant itself. Consider some grant offer

Government grant

A main factor must be made by the federal government to grant. How not? One of his true duties would be to enhance the quality of equalize and education.

Some of the scholarships distributed by the federal government that grant that was exemplary meant for education employees and potential instructors in-State Advanced Schooling scholarships, or Personal Colleges are targeted scholarships goal tasks targeted at disadvantaged pupils to pursue degree, for permanent teachers.

College scholarships

In providing scholarships the College also required part. Partial and complete scholarships are two of the scholarships are usually provided. Grant is complete grant income opens pupils to the college account, actually up in the term, re-enrollment. For incomplete, obviously, just opens the pupil from tuition or one term.

Organization grant

The organization also led in scholarships, contact it-like scholarships distributed by the organization Djarum where pupils who’re currently learning S1 are targeted by grant. There are also scholarships that goal BCA is just a grant pupil no less than 2 semesters has visited.

InformationS1domesticscholarships, domestic S2, S3 information or any other country you can get InformasiBeasiswas1.com.

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Jun 21

Why Do Individuals Enjoy Chocolate?

Birthday Chocolate7Chocolate is really a prepared food that always has special style and brown shade. Previously, candy was preferred like a beverage for noblemen. Since that time, the definition of candy more preferred and gets more so far. Well, exactly why is it exceedingly well-known? Do folks appreciate chocolate? Listed here are three major factors:


The key reason why many people love candy could be the preference. Candy tastes wonderful. Basically, individuals find it too difficult to determine chocolate’s style. It’s bittersweet, unhealthy, or not sec. Candy could include vanilla, dairy among others. Generally, handmade candy materials are other natural styles, chocolate butter, sodium, and also glucose. This makes candy flavor great for anybody. Find more tastes and types on Holly Choco – Toko Coklat Online.

Health advantages

Candy has some health advantages that produce folks like it increasingly more. Community considers that it decrease panic and could minimize tension. By eating candy they are able to reunite within the disposition. Chocolate brown is the greatest sorts among all in regards to pressure reduction. According specialists, sweets incorporate substantial quantities of flavanol and may also be good as antioxidants to. Candy stops stroke, retain storage, decreases the danger of heart problems, and also reduces cholesterol levels.


Also, people love candy since it is fantastic being a surprise for different events like Thanksgiving Lebaran, birthday Valentine’s Evening, and others. While folks are of things to share with their family members puzzled, candy is the greatest response everybody will cherish. There are lots of choices that are offered to fit someone’s.

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Jun 21

The Dangerous of Whitish for Pregnant Women

Keputihan adalah a condition in which the female sex organs. Whitish often regarded as a trivial problem by some women. In fact, because there are some women ashamed who are reluctant to check or consult a doctor?

In fact, when experienced abnormal vaginal discharge as well as solid colored accompanied by a bad odor would have posed a health disorders. In pregnant women, vaginal discharge does not only affect them but affect the health of the fetus. What is it?

WhitishBabies born prematurely

The survey showed that the whitish experienced by pregnant women can lead to premature birth. Why is that? This is not because more whitish trigger premature rupture of membranes. Thus whitish, generally marked with yellowish fluid and accompanied by a fishy smell.

Baby health problems

Other than that, vaginal discharge can also cause a variety of serious health problems in infants. What is it? Reporting from several sources on the internet, here are some hygiene disorders that can be accepted by the baby.

  • Inflammation of the baby’s brain. Whitish carry infections that can trigger inflammation in the brains of infants. If left unchecked or done treatment, this condition is not likely to cause death in infants.
  • Respiratory disorders. Other than that, the virus can also cause vaginal discharge papilloma of the larynx in infants, causing respiratory problems in infants.
  • Blindness. The virus is carried by whitish or often referred to neisserea gonorrhoeae can cause blindness in infants.
  • Low birth weight. Not only that, but also a pregnant woman is not likely to give birth to babies with low weight or weight is not normal because whiteness is experienced during pregnancy.

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Jun 20

Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric3We occasionally don’t realize that the flowers that cooking is generally used for by us or around us have a lot of health advantages. Turmeric is a great illustration for this. According reports and experiments, turmeric has a great number of health advantages as the following to:

Offer antioxidants

Turmeric is completely among the best responses, if you should be buying a supply of antioxidants and antibacterial. Turmeric contains antioxidants and supplements that help your defense mechanisms is maintained by you. WebMD also said that turmeric or curcuma stops damaging illnesses (however with inadequate research), for example skin cancer, hepatitis, diarrhea, ache, Alzheimer’s infection, and ringworm.

Enhance digestion

Digestion is currently increasing. Turmeric has a lot of supplements which will help to smoothen the metabolism procedure, as stated. Heal and turmeric can be thought to reduce digestive problems. It’s great influences on abdomen and liver. Simply bear in mind you have to consider turmeric to enhance your digestion in correct amounts. Turmeric has become obtainable in vitamin supplements which might be more palatable or supplements.

Eliminate vaginal discharge

Some ladies have been to assist them do away with oral smell & just natural discharge or irritation. SayaCantik.com said that they’re able to decrease natural discharge by sipping the water of turmeric frequently (about twice a-day). The turmeric certainly needs it to be scraped by females and blend and glucose solution and it.

Ideally, understanding three health advantages of turmeric above might not be useless for you.

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Jun 15

3 Characters of Successful Fx Brokers

Forex Broker3Forex brokers earn money from payment incurred to customers or dealers. Besides, income is basically also gained by them provided that forex dealers however produce exchange using them. Well, professional and effective forex agents aren’t those that set payment. Alternatively, they’re ready continue maintaining their fulfillment and to keep consumers. Listed below are many essential techniques to become a profitable brokerage:

Get a currency trading system that is strong. An expert FX broker needs to give application or a strong trading program allow merchants do deal. A forex software that is great contains authentic live consideration that is / and test account. Some must have functions are programs, indications, and candlesticks. Currency trading platform’s screen must be easy and simple to understand aswell.

Possess a site that is resourceful like foreximf.com. Forex agents are usually offered and prepared to support both active and fresh consumers regarding for their trading activities. Having an inspiring site may be the key. Forex agents ought to be valuable by posting and publishing guidelines, the most recent posts & tips, and announcement associated with forex currency trading. They could classify the posts to four sessions: essential, starter, sophisticated, and qualified. Techniques, glossaries, and traits are a few essential items in forex broker’s site.

Offer 24/7 service. Last however not least must present 24/7 customer care to create standing and professionalism. That is specifically for overseas agents. Like a matteroffact, professionals may require alternatives, books, or aids when trading. They’ve a have to contact their specialist to repair the difficulties the moment possible.

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Jun 15

Want to Trade Forex at Home?

forex 5Are you interested in generating extra income from home? If you are, consider investing your money in foreign exchange trading. Why? This investment has high return. This means that you can get a lot of dollars in few minutes. If you are interested in trading forex at home, make sure that you do the following tips, so that you can concentrate and enjoy trading:

Finish all household jobs first. Cleaning house, washing dishes, washing clothes, and cooking are household jobs that you have to do first. Why? If you don’t do those, you can get difficulty in concentrating, so you take wrong decision in opening or closing position. Besides, your spouse and your parents definitely scold you at last.

Calm down mind and control emotion. Don’t trade as you like! Aside from paying attention to berita forex and analyze market trend and movement, it is better to calm down mind and control emotion, especially if you are still tired after doing household jobs. How? Sit at your terrace, drink a cup of coffee or warm chocolate, and breathe fresh air, so that you can get comfort.

Install forex system. When you are really ready to start trading, it is better to install forex platform. This tool is able to help you know and analyze the trend and movement in real time. Furthermore, I can take the right decision. If you don’t have this program yet, visit professional forex brokers soon.

Remember not to be greedy when getting profit, unless you want to lose money when the price falls down.

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Jun 15

Trigger Firm Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy may be the toughest point that’s anticipated by companies. Why? It’s they don’t earn cash and obtain caught with debt or poor credit, since if they get broke. In such a circumstance, a lot high tail it, get swing, of them can strain out, or head to arrest.

Truly, what’re bankruptcy reasons for a business? Needless to say there are various items that cause it. Two of these are:


Weak economic planning. Without organizing it several entrepreneurs want to commit the business deposit. They think while they like that they’re able to invest the deposit. This can be a practice that is negative simply because they create firm fall and will simply throw away cash. Consequently, business people have to prepare their financing properly. They simply must talk to the organization offering trusted economic planning solutions, for example: Financia Consulting that’s likewise willing to help everybody to mengatur keuangan pribadi, when they require services of economic advisors.

Corruption. Crime can’t be divided in even government and business world. It’s also the company’s primary bankruptcy. Just how to fix this issue? For performing scam supply cases to subordinates, don’t get employed, and provides company punishments. Pay all wage that is employees’ on time if required and provide advantage. That is very important to do, so that they don’t simply because they feel unhappy want to neglect organization finance.

By understanding these bankruptcy causes companies will make their firm lessen of going broke the challenges and endure to get a very long time.

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Jun 13

Learn Key Elements in Operation

working dHave you been a director who would like start to become qualified and to create your organization work efficiently? If you’re, you need to learn at length about world of business, including critical indicators in operation like described below:

Personnel. Are excellent employees recruited by you? Do they brilliantly and perform appropriately should you? What does one to conquer this issue when they don’t? Can you fire or simply scold them? End carrying it out since you could eliminate likely and competent employees, should you. It’s simpler to understand their motives first. You must give satisfactory and good quality shortly should they cannot function brilliantly as you offer limited facilities. For example, should you only supply box panel outdoor that are undesirable, you should purchase one. Irrespective of giving workplace establishments that are excellent, look closely at their survival. This means that you’ve to offer reward and suitable pay and utilize top quality SOP due to their safety.

Company associates. The secrets in building collaboration are devotion and integrity. If you’re not unable to maintain these well, you could make your organization associates trust you. Obtaining their confidence you’ll have much possibility to acquire running business competitiveness and also have sales fee that is high. Remember possible by not cheating to them together with to keep their confidence.

Last however not least, check your quality of goods. Prepare yourself to cope with minimal income pace, should you supply low-quality goods and go broke quickly. For this, be sure that good quality items are offered by you, so shoppers are in obtaining them interested.

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Jun 12

Alternatives to Lose Weight

SIY weight lossReducing body weight seems to be the hardest part of enhancing outer beauty for some women. They somehow have to put more effort to get an ideal body because overweight can become obesity, one of the main death’s causes. Therefore, they’d rather take alternatives than manual/normal weight loss projects. Two main alternatives for weight loss are:


Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery that removes fat from particular parts of human body. This is an instant way to remove excessive fat in the body and obtain an ideal body. The most common areas covered by liposuction treatment are abdomen, neck, thighs, arms, buttocks, and others. In this treatment, physicians will make sure the area that will be sucked by giving a mark. They’ll slash it and insert the tumescent liquid.

Nevertheless, liposuction is quite risky and also expensive. It has side effects like skin infection, numbness, and fat embolism. The cost of one treatment is starting from 10 million rupiahs.


In Asia, especially Indonesia, hypnolangsing is extremely popular as one of the best ways or cara menurunkan berat badan. This is also popular as hypnoslimming. This treatment is a kind of therapy performed by professional hypnotherapist.

According to the experts, hypnotherapy doesn’t require rituals and methods to force someone to reduce their weight. It’s the way to enter the subconscious mind of patients that are complaining about their weight. Patients only need to follow the rules, such as only have meals when starving, stop eating before feeling full.

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